Only in San Francisco…

…the most unique place on earth !!

born & raised

Hi! I was born and raised in San Francisco [the Sunset district, specifically]. One of the last true San Francisco Natives, in fact I’m third generation on both sides of my family. I went through hell in the Catholic School system [kindergarden through high school], lucky me. Yes, I’m a bit of a whack job. I’ve never left the Bay Area other than to travel, other than that, I’ve lived in SF, Daly City, San Bruno, back to SF, then way the f*ck up to Santa Rosa, back to SF, and now in Marin. I’ll be back to SF soon enough though. I’ll probably never live anywhere else unless some wonderful man sweeps me off my feet and convinces me I’ll be better off with him than my beloved City.

  • My best feature: my brown eyes.
  • I am very observant. Almost too observant sometimes. I notice things I wish I hadn’t.
  • My apartment is messy 70% of the time; clean 20% of the time and somewhere in between 10% of the time.
  • I believe the mistakes I’ve made have given me great character.
  • I love doing things for people… so much so that it drives me crazy sometimes.
  • When I was a kid, I remember panicking when I lost my mom in a department store.
  • I’d do the same thing when I’d lose my daughter in a department store.
  • I never got in trouble in school.
  • I wore glasses and had curly hair in grammar school and refused to get braces because I just knew I’d be the BIGGEST dork in school, then!
  • I’ve been to Dallas, Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, Utah, Chile, all over California, Washington D.C. drove through North and South Carolina, Chattanooga, GA, a few cities in Florida, Vancouver, Canada, and Seattle a few times.
  • I would like to go to Italy, France, Greece, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, or back to Canada, would be my first choices… after I conquer those, I’d be up for anywhere else.
  • I’m very quiet at party settings, but get me one-on-one and I just won’t shut up.
  • I hate eggplant.
  • I’ve only tried to straighten my hair three times in all my 36 years.
  • I have psoriasis. I’ve had it about 9 years now. The doctors just tell me it’s from stress.
  • I have a few scars, my parents rushed me to the hospital for the scar on my left eyebrow from a coffee table corner, a scar on my left knee from falling at one of my mom’s friend’s houses and landed on one of those fake red rocks, my dad rushed me when I fell down some stairs at his friends house and the nose piece of my glasses when into my forehead (he thought it was my brain gushing out), when he got into a fender bender and I slide to the floor of his huge E l Dorado car, hours later my arm hurt so bad we had to leave in the middle of a movie to go wait at general hospital for four hours to get a brace on my left arm for a fractured wrist. (What’s up with all the left side?)
  • I love to dance to 70’s and 80’s pop.
  • It takes me a long time to make a decision and once I’ve made it, I still doubt it.
  • When I was a kid, I took a week of tap dance lessons, an hour of ice skating lessons, six months of piano, one day of ballet, and the first time I went to take swimming lessons at age 13, I peed in my pants on the way to the locker room.
  • I wouldn’t say I have an OCD, but I do check the stove before I leave the house. Sometimes when I get to the car, I may have to run back in the house to check. Sometimes I check twice because I’ve forgotten that I checked but then realized once I’ve checked that I had already checked the first time.
  • I spend way too much time on chat.
  • I’ve had two major surgeries, a cesarean section and gall bladder.
  • When I was about 9, I was walking on the beach with some friends; a wave came, knocked me down,and stole my brand new tennis shoes. I was so scared that my mom was going to be mad I didn’t even care how wet I was.
  • I love old photos, especially of San Francisco.
  • I was an angel for Halloween when I was about 3; I’m still an angel now.
  • My worst fear is losing my daughter.
  • I love eating chocolate syrup from the can/bottle.
  • I hate to spend time alone.
  • I need to learn to let some things go.
  • I like to munch on crunchy things while I’m on the computer.
  • I like to read things while I eat cereal.
  • I think one day I might become a vegetarian.
  • I’ve just realized recently that I am soooo happy to have the friends and family that I do have, in my life. I couldn’t have any better.
  • My hair never seems to grow; one bad thing about curly hair.
  • I rarely cry.
  • I can’t stand wearing high heels.
  • There were literally about 20 kids growing up on my block in SF.
  • I’m a total klutz.
  • I like to run around barefoot.
  • I forgive very easily.
  • I wish I could do more things with ease.
  • I often see women in clothes I’d like to wear, but when I put something on similar it just doesn’t look as good on me.
  • I hate the smell of most perfumes. I really only like floral smelling ones.
  • I’ve worn glasses since the age of 3 or 4 for a lazy eye.
  • I love chocolate.
  • I hate fake.
  • I like tea.
  • I had my daughter when I was 19 yrs old.
  • I’d rather eat dessert than a meal.
  • I’m not very good at math, but I rememer phone numbers really well.
  • I forget to be proud of the accomplishments I have accomplished.
  • I say “WhatEVER” and “Really?” a lot.
  • I like to eat sweet and salty at the same time.
  • I drool for SLR Digital cameras.
  • I used to love my Kwando classes [teacher opened his own studio, I can’t afford it].
  • I love to take photographs.
  • I like to crack my wrists, ankles, back and neck.
  • I love music.
  • I never played ANY sports all through grammar and high school.
  • I burn food a lot.
  • I’m left handed.
  • I don’t really like seafood.
  • I love 80’s music, abandoned buildings, alabaster, angels, astrology, baths, biking, blue, breakfast, california, camping, candles, candy, chat, chocolate, coffee, coldplay, comedy, concerts, creative energy, curly hair, dancing, dave mathews band, determination, dinner parties with good friends, dreams, evanescence, exercise, eyes, fairies, fire, green eyes, hardwood floors, healing, hiking, hugging, intelligent men, intricate jewelry, jewel, jonny lang, junk, kids, kissing, listening, love, macro photography, madonna, morcheeba, mtv, nature, older men, old photos, old buildings, patience, perseverance, pesto, photography, radiohead, reading journals, red, red wine, reiki, roberta flack, romance, san francisco, sarah mclachlan, sesame oil, sex, sleep, spirituality, starbucks, stars, surreal scenes in nature, sunsets, survivor, swords, talking, tattoos, the ocean, the real world, thirty something, thrift stores, THX sound samples, trendy geeks, wally lamb, waterfalls, working out, younger men.
  • I want to fall in love and never fall out.
  • It takes me a long time to trust people.
  • I am learning sign language.
  • I took care of my grandmother for four years, part time, same time I took care of my young child and myself.
  • I can type with out looking or even paying attention completely.
  • I like my French fries crisp. I like a lot of things “over done”.
  • I love my bed.
  • When I relax, I like to light candles, let in the cool wind, put on some sultry soft angelic music and have a glass of wine.
  • I wake up late every day, and think, “I can’t keep doing this”. And it’s being going on for over four years now.
  • I sing to my daughter, the words I’d be talking if there weren’t such a good song on, for example, I’d say, “Look at that cute doggy over there” to the tune of which ever song might be on the radio.
  • One of the memories I remember when my parents were still together, I was on the toilet off the kitchen, trying to do “the deed” and I remember my dad telling me, “take your time, there’s no rush”, ha ha..
  • I apparently I was making a lot of noise trying to get it out.
  • I wish I could remember names of authors and artist that I like.
  • I melt for a guy with messy hair, glasses, and relaxed clothing on a Sunday morning run to the coffee shop.
  • I treat my cars like a baby.
  • My All-Time favorite movie is, The Black Stallion.
  • I have really bad short-term memory.
  • I was awfully frightened of a lot of things when I was a child, still am.
  • I’m scared of heights.
  • I’ve been skydiving and loved it. I want to go again.
  • I like finding new things I like about myself.
  • I rarely watch television.
  • But I am addicted to Reality TV.

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  1. mangeycur said

    Haha! Found you! xxx

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