Only in San Francisco…

…the most unique place on earth !!

Driving down the street…

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on July 10, 2006

Only in San Francisco…
….. got my cell phone in one hand, turning the wheel with the other. California & Davis Streets, I’m having a schmoke, and a guy coming shuffling along in his wheel chair. Now this ain’t no ordinary guy in a wheel chair. I know you’re probably picturing some older dude, one leg missing, possibly homeless or mentally challenged, right?

This guy rolling down the street in his wheel chair was sportin’ his business suite, hair gel’d up, sunglasses on… and talking on his cell phone in one hand while he tried to scoot his way to the corner with one healthy leg and the other hand spinning the wheel.

I tell yah… people won’t let up on the cell phones in ANY situation!!


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