Only in San Francisco…

…the most unique place on earth !!

Mmmm.. yeah.. healthy men.

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 7, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

As the headline goes:
Healthiest City in America 2005: San Francisco, CA

According to this article

“Only in San Francisco. And only here would you have a constant stream of joggers running several miles round-trip just to smack a fence. Then again, only in San Francisco would you find the 75,500-acre Golden Gate Recreation Area — one of the world’s largest national parks in an urban setting. Or a city council that hated smoking so much, it banned it in all outdoor public spaces.”

Gotta give the guys an applause for their effort to stay alive longer! So how are these guys staying so healthy? I assume diet and exericse. Being that San Francisco has at least 30 Vegitarian restaurants and year round farmers markets, helps. Not to mention every and any kind of exercise regime you can think of!

Major gyms: Pacific Heights Health Club, Jewish Community Center, Club One, Courthouse Athletic Club, Gold’s Gym, Gorilla Sports, 24 Hour Fitness Clubs, Body Kinetics, YMCA

Bike trails: Golden Gate Park, Bay Trail, Angel Island, Over the Golden Gate, Mt. Tamalpais or Muir Woods, and beyond

Yoga: Berkeley Yoga Center, Bikram’s Yoga College, Defy Gravity Pilates, Fourth Street Yoga, and so so many more. Yoga studios are popping up like Starbucks, they are pretty much at every other corner these days!

Along with the above exerices you can find so many forms of exercise, for example, anything from Running, Hiking, & Golf to Boot Camp, Tae Kwan Do, & Pilates to Belly Dancing, Hip Hop Classes & even learn how to Strip Tease! There is no excuse for not exercising! Although I come up with them all the time!!

Psst. Unhealthiest City in America 2005: Charleston, WV


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