Only in San Francisco…

…the most unique place on earth !!

Sitty Hall

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 3, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

… would someone have such conversations while on the toilet!!! I went to City Hall yesterday and while in the restroom, I over heard this conversation amongst two African American women (albeit City workers) while they were in stalls:

Woman #1: I gotta go to the bank after this
Woman #2: Gotta cash dem checks, mmhmmm.
Woman #1: Tha’s righ’

Woman #1 flushes, leaves the stall, washes her hands and then there is silence for about 30 more seconds.

Woman #1: You steel in there.
Woman #2: Mmmhmmm… I know somethin was in there.

Obviously someone in the other stall took a dump.

Woman #2: I smell some funk.
Woman #1: What was that?
Woman #2: Someone be leavin their funk up in he’ar.
Woman #1: Mmmmhmmm.. people be leavin their funk e’erywhere.
Woman #2: I mean, I leave my funk too.

I leave my stall, wash my hands, smile at Woman #2, and leave!


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