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Achey breaky back!

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 24, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

Could you have back problems from riding MUNI. Ouch.
Between last night and this morning’s bus rides, my back is killing me!

Last night on the way home, I sat next to a big guy [what was I thinking?] and we happen to be on the old buses where the seats are more “bucket style” than they are now-a-days. My ass fit 3/4 of the way on the seats but because the man’s shoulder were so broad, my upper torso was crooked. Argh. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about offering my seat to the woman standing near me. I’m guestimating at least 30 times.

The man must have thought I had ants in my pants with all the squirming around. But really I was trying to keep my back from hurting without trying to hurt my ass from being on the edge of the seat!!!
Then, this morning… we got Mr. Cranky on the bus. I really don’t believe these bus drivers have EVER sat in the back of a bus!! Either that of they continually fuck with us.

Mr. Cranky had his foot to the petal this morning and there were more than 3 or 4 occasions where he braked soooooooo hard that I thought maybe I just wasn’t going to be able to hold on any more and I’d go flying onto someone… but luckily I caught my balance, unfortunately at the expense of my back which is now KILLING me!


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Fashion plate

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 8, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

Would you see a homeless woman wearing Uggs!! In fact, we probably have some of the most fashionable homeless people here due to all the fashion-trend-hordes that reside here and wear their clothes just a few times [or until the season is over] and so what do they do when the season is over?? God forbid!!! Throw ’em out!!?! And what to do when the Salvation Army sends you away because they have too many items?

Throw them on the nearest corner, of course!

You know you’re out of style when the homeless are wearing more trendy items than yourself!

We have so many homeless in San Francisco, there is a section of the online newspaper dedicated to it: SFGATE

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Mmmm.. yeah.. healthy men.

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 7, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

As the headline goes:
Healthiest City in America 2005: San Francisco, CA

According to this article

“Only in San Francisco. And only here would you have a constant stream of joggers running several miles round-trip just to smack a fence. Then again, only in San Francisco would you find the 75,500-acre Golden Gate Recreation Area — one of the world’s largest national parks in an urban setting. Or a city council that hated smoking so much, it banned it in all outdoor public spaces.”

Gotta give the guys an applause for their effort to stay alive longer! So how are these guys staying so healthy? I assume diet and exericse. Being that San Francisco has at least 30 Vegitarian restaurants and year round farmers markets, helps. Not to mention every and any kind of exercise regime you can think of!

Major gyms: Pacific Heights Health Club, Jewish Community Center, Club One, Courthouse Athletic Club, Gold’s Gym, Gorilla Sports, 24 Hour Fitness Clubs, Body Kinetics, YMCA

Bike trails: Golden Gate Park, Bay Trail, Angel Island, Over the Golden Gate, Mt. Tamalpais or Muir Woods, and beyond

Yoga: Berkeley Yoga Center, Bikram’s Yoga College, Defy Gravity Pilates, Fourth Street Yoga, and so so many more. Yoga studios are popping up like Starbucks, they are pretty much at every other corner these days!

Along with the above exerices you can find so many forms of exercise, for example, anything from Running, Hiking, & Golf to Boot Camp, Tae Kwan Do, & Pilates to Belly Dancing, Hip Hop Classes & even learn how to Strip Tease! There is no excuse for not exercising! Although I come up with them all the time!!

Psst. Unhealthiest City in America 2005: Charleston, WV

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Love… I hope we get old

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 4, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

Can you get this close to someone you’ve adored for years and actually touch him. This was at a recent Coldplay concert. Yes, it’s Chris Martin. And yes, I touched his finger. [don’t be hatin’ because you’re jealous]

show’s I’ve seen them at:
The Warfield Theater, San Francisco
Marysville, CA
Berkeley, CA
The Fillmore, San Francisco
Moutain View, CA
Oakland, CA
San Jose, CA

…which is pretty much every show they’ve done
in the Bay Area, except Bimbo’s.

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Sitty Hall

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 3, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

… would someone have such conversations while on the toilet!!! I went to City Hall yesterday and while in the restroom, I over heard this conversation amongst two African American women (albeit City workers) while they were in stalls:

Woman #1: I gotta go to the bank after this
Woman #2: Gotta cash dem checks, mmhmmm.
Woman #1: Tha’s righ’

Woman #1 flushes, leaves the stall, washes her hands and then there is silence for about 30 more seconds.

Woman #1: You steel in there.
Woman #2: Mmmhmmm… I know somethin was in there.

Obviously someone in the other stall took a dump.

Woman #2: I smell some funk.
Woman #1: What was that?
Woman #2: Someone be leavin their funk up in he’ar.
Woman #1: Mmmmhmmm.. people be leavin their funk e’erywhere.
Woman #2: I mean, I leave my funk too.

I leave my stall, wash my hands, smile at Woman #2, and leave!

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Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on March 1, 2006

Only in San Francisco…

…would you celebrate such a catastraophe! Amazingly, the 100 year anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire is just around the corner! April 18, 2006 at 5:13am to be exact. The people of the City usually meet at Lotta’s fountain at 5 o’clock in the morning with survivors to celebrate. I’m positive there will be week long celebrations this year.

I remember when we had to use our shoes for plates …

Nah, I’m not that old! Someone kill me before I reach 90! I really don’t want to live that long. What boredom must ensue when you get up there in age, ya know?

I’m looking for Greg Gaar to show his collection of SF photos. Supposedly he has the largest collection around and I missed the showing he had at the Park Library a few months ago. If anyone knows anything, please leave a comment with information on where he might be showing his fabulous photos again.

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