Only in San Francisco…

…the most unique place on earth !!

welcome to “Only in San Francisco”

Posted by onlyinsanfrancisco on February 26, 2006

Or San Franfreakshow.

Or San Fran.

Or Frisco.

Or San Fransicko.

Or my favorite: The City

I created this blog because I believe San Francisco is one of the most unique places in the world! One of the reasons is because it attracts the most unique people. Therefore, when I see or hear of something somewhat unusual I think to myself, “only in san francisco would something like that take place”. And remember, I’m a native San Franciscan, it’s amazing I can even differentiate between “normal” normal and “weird” normal!!!  So this will be a place to come to see, hear, and learn about San Francisco, if all goes the way I want it to.  😛


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